We're all about food

3/3rds is more than just a cafe. We try our best to deliver food that is bold, fresh and flavourful. Although being tucked away in Wong Chuk Hang, 3/3rds is a secret escape from the hurly burly, it's a place that integrates tasteful food and eclectic design to our lives.

Wong Chuk Hang


3/3rds, first opened in June 2014, 3/3rds is a little oasis located in an inconspicuous industrial building in Wong Chuk Hang. Tucked away from the hustle bustle,  it's a place to sit back and relax with great food and panoramic view of the typhoon shelter.



 3462 2951



 Yally Industrial Building
 6 Yip Fat Street,              Wong Chuk Hang



 M-F 9am–4.30pm
 Sa-Su 11am–4.30pm
 Public Holiday closed